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Why I use




Based on INSIGHTS MDI®, you will establish precise requirement profiles for positions. Potential analyses will help you identify and analyze job candidates' potential during recruiting and job incumbents' potential for the purpose of individual development and career management. The INSIGHTS MDI® analyzing tools help recruit the right people into the right positions within the organization (placement) and adjust requirements to individual capabilities (matching).


INSIGHTS MDI® provides the foundation for creating individual and customized personnel development programmes. The INSIGHTS MDI® behaviour analysis helps determine the starting situation as a basis for developing training and coaching programmes and serves as a reliable evaluation point of reference (education controlling).

Potential Identification

Using a standardized and professionalized process, INSIGHTS MDI® enhance your self-knowledge, thus helping you to identify and develop your potential. They assist you in becoming aware of your own behavioural strategies and developing alternative behavioural patterns. INSIGHTS MDI® help develop resources and talents in order to improve each individual's personality.


INSIGHTS MDI® help develop a relationship style that is individual as well as professional. Team leaders are being made aware of their preferences and deficits in creating relationships with their people. The aim is to assist them in developing more human, effective and situational leadership and communication behaviours.

Team Development

INSIGHTS MDI® help understand various preferences and predispositions as well as work and communication styles in teams. They provide transparency to the composition and the effective cooperation within high-performing teams. Using INSIGHTS MDI®, synergies can be effectively supported and developed.

Organization Development

Applying INSIGHTS MDI® analyses to complex change processes helps better understand an organizations dynamics and culture. INSIGHTS MDI® facilitate the management of change processes.

Type-specific sales

Relationship competency is the key to successful selling. INSIGHTS MDI® provide you with the critical success factors for selling, such as the customer's personality, the sales person's personality, and the relationship between customer and sales person. Ideally, INSIGHTS MDI® help sales persons become relationship managers matching their sales strategies to customers' needs and perception channels.