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Duration: 3 days

Trainers, consultants, and human resource managers will develop the ability to apply the INSIGHTS MDI® tools to recruiting, developing and training. They are instructed in becoming licensed trainers and consultants. Topics include the knowledge and capabilities needed to be able to specifically apply the INSIGHTS MDI® tools to various areas. 

The most important programme items

  • The scientific foundation of INSIGHTS (C. G. Jung, Marston, Jacobi, MBTI) 
  • The fundamentals of the INSIGHTS typology 
  • Working with the INSIGHTS methodology
  • Extended applications of insights gained from INSIGHTS MDI® (recruiting, team building, customized workplace and job description, coaching and training)
  • Applying insights gained from INSIGHTS MDI® to optimizing corporate processes 

In the seminar, basic principles and work techniques will be presented in practical training exercises. After successfully passing the final exam, participants will receive a non-transferable license for working as INSIGHTS MDI® trainers.


Certification on request